the many uses of masking tape

And here’s the next page. all nice and in color like… There’s only one more pages and I will have just as many pages printed in comics as I do up online.. but don’t worry. I plan to try and make enough pages for 1.5 comics in time for SPX… (I won’t but oh well.) actually I want to try and have a little something that’s not real cane sugar just so someone who just wants to buy one book can have.. also maybe a gag book.. I love gag books.

SO! Did you have a good Memorial Day? I did. I spent it printing REAL CANE SUGAR EPISODE 3 for all of you kids to thumb through and scrutinize with scorn. If  you are going to be in the Charlotte area this weekend you should totally make a trip to downtown and in exchange for 10 dollars you get the privelage to buy all of the freshest newest most differentest comics you can get your greasy paws on. Joel Watson of made a map to help you find all of the most best of webcomicers around. I felt there was something that it needed, though. So I decided to pull out my precision instruments and edit it a bit so it can also be used for you, my adoring fans, to find me!!

Look at that! I’m right next to my Buddy EVAN DAHM!!! and look to my right is Kate Beaton!! and further left is Anthony Clark of Nedriod!!! MEREDITH GRAN!!? (WHHHHAAAATTT!!!)  Holy cow! this is going to be some weekend! I’m going to say I would never have gotten such a primo location if it wasn’t for my main man Evan “the Dahminator” Dahm and the exceptionally generous Dustin Harbin!! (cartoonist extraordinaire!) I owe both these guys quite a bit and you guys should show your love too buy making sure you come and find them and give their stuff a try! I like it.. I’m going to sink my eyes into that big ol news paper thingie d.harb made the moment I get a chance and you should too!

this is going to be one fun weekend.. I strongly encourage anyone who goes to scope out the WHOLE convention because there’s quite a few guys that you don’t want to miss in the small press area as well. Heck, how are you going to discover new stuff if you don’t get out and see the whole convention?

After HeroesCon is over I’m probably going to try and set up an online store or an etsy or something so I can maybe sell these hardcopys that I make for shows. if you’re interested let me know in the comments below the more response I get the faster I’ll hop to it!

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