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HEY KIDS! it’s 4 AM here in bishopville, south carolina. after like a 5 hour nap I got up and just started working on this page that’s been sitting waiting to be finished and now here it is. We’re almost done with this arc and after doing 3 “episodes” of RCS I’ve started to realize I need to do better planning if I hope to make the production of this comic a little less painful. Anyway, the joke is that Manny poored all that dirty water into the sink for washing the dishes which has to stay clean, ESPECIALLY if there’s dishes in there. D.Mar specifically said the sink in the closet, which you can see in the previous pages, I think it’s pretty subtle but the whole thing gave me a chance to better build D.Mars and make it a little more tangible in the readers mind or some shit. I gotta tell ya, making a comic that you think is good while also working a 32 hour a week job is still about the same as having two jobs (BUT WITH HALF THE INCOME!!!! OH BOY!) but that’s enough complaining for me, let’s keep focused on fun and enjoyable things.

Are you going to be in Asheville on May 15? Do you want to meet a giant gelatinous monster who smells like rotting ham? Do you have extra money to throw at said beast? well if you go to Fanaticon you can meet me and live the dream! Come and meet me, my friend Evan Dahm and ALL THE OTHER GREAT GUESTS!!! it should be a fun time, I hope to have the FIRST OFFICIAL REFINISHED Episodes 1 and 2 of RCS as well as a super special art book filled with production sketches and personal ramblings that are very similar to these update posts! probably some extra info and incite into the comic as well. oh and I was hoping to have like… stickers and buttons.. I think I can still do buttons.. but stickers will probably have to wait til heroescon (WHICH ME AND MY BUDDY EVAN WILL ALSO ATTEND!) 

oh and finally, my Sheriff got arrested for Federal Drug Trafficking charges go read the article and join me and the rest of my town as we bid a fond farewell to our friend, EJ. Everyone said he was crooked but they just kept voting him in, anyway. I dunno. Let’s see what will happen after this.

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