Life Advice.

I don’t think manny is as able to follow his own advice as he thinks he is. but that’s the nature of folk sometime, pointing out splinters in someone’s eye when you got a whole wedge in yours. Oh I think I just quoted the bible. How about that. I made this page while I was coming down with some kind of shitty headcold. what really sucks is I have to work tomorrow.

I finished this page the day after Guru passed away. It really sucks. I didn’t start getting into rap music until last year and now that I just started listening to some more Gang Starr I hear about this. I wish I had an ill guru track to play but I don’t know gang starr as well as my other faves, so if you’re reading this and wanna leave a suggestion just drop a youtube link and I’ll be happy to hear your fave Gang Starr tracks. Hell even if it uses a Gang Starr sample it’ll count in my book. Ok, now then I need to rest my eyes and get back to work now. ugh.

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